While growing up I tried several sports and realized very early that I am deeply interested in movement. In 2001, during my first trip to Thailand, I found my passion in combat sports. I started training regularly in our local Thaiboxing gym and also competed a few times as an amateur. Already during the time as a Thaiboxer I used my free time to help out in the gym and also coached athletes at events. In 2010, after getting my first trainer diploma, I decided to use my energy and enthusiasm for combat sports, health and fitness and started working in a boxing gym as fitness and boxing coach. Even if my main interest was coaching, I never stopped training; a few years later I started with CrossFit and also participated in OCR’s (Obstacle Course Races). 

Today coaching is my passion, a passion to help people live better lives. I have trained a diverse range of clients from individuals just looking to shape up, to teens, seniors and experienced athletes. There are many ways to work out and I will integrate many training concepts into your sessions, to see which ones will fit you best. 

I take my job very seriously; your goals, are my goals!

Trainings can be held in German, English, Italian, French & Spanish!

Certified Personal Trainer

Thai Boxing Coach

Trainer & Fitness Trainer SwissBoxing

FRC Mobility Specialist

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

Wat Po Thai Massage Certificate



I love coaching and helping people to become the best version of themselves. 

Fat loss, strength training, boxing, thai boxing, mobility, you name it and I coach it.

No matter if you are a professional athlete or you just want to reach your personal goals. I am here to help you with a wide range of workouts!



Sheril Leemann

Antonio's amazing training helped me to get back in shape after both pregnancies! Thanks to his encouragement and the effective workouts my extra 19 KG! disappeared. I am so thankful!

Karthik Ramanadane

Antonio's trainings are of a rare quality. He is an excellent coach, both in boxing and conditioning. Added to that he has a great personality: it is really a pleasure to go to his training sessions! I can only recommend him!

Alessandro Mercorella

I started going to Antonio's classes many years ago and I became instantly addicted. I am very happy that now he offers personal trainings on a regular basis as well - with his motivating attitude he helps me reaching my personal goals even faster!

Carola Schoch

Antonio's classes are always full of energy. I always feel like reborn after his trainings. That's also a reason why I love working with him and why I gave him the opportunity to start the SCBC Reboot Challenges in Bülach. 

Gina Boffa

I love Antonio's personal trainings! They are tough and effective but also lot's of fun!  Expect some muscle soreness!



Gussstrasse 9

8180 Bülach


Tel: 076 574 29 03

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